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"Every day we spend without learning something is a day lost" - Beethoven


Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022
- Posted 2021-12-29 10:34:57


As the new year approaches, we reflect on the year that is almost over and look forward to a new beginning. 2021 has been the year that Covid continued to sweep across the globe and just lately, with the Omicron variant, has run rampant throughout the world. What have we learned?

The following excerpt is from a Guest Commentary by Mohamad Fakih published in the December 29th issue of the Tribune…

The truly inspiring displays of leadership during the past two years have come not from our elected leaders. They have come from ordinary people.

These everyday leaders are all around us: The health professionals caring for the sick and vulnerable in hospitals. The business owners fighting to keep the doors open and employees on the payroll. The teachers overcoming impossible obstacles to engage their students in online learning. The generous donors supporting local food banks and countless other essential charities.

From this crisis, a new generation of leaders has emerged – people who have a fresh understanding of their capabilities, their strengths and their ambition. They don’t shy away from a problem; they run toward it.

True leaders don’t sit back and hope that our problems go away on their own, or that someone else will take on the burden of solving them. True leaders see a problem and try to solve it. They see an opportunity and try to seize it.

A new dawn is coming. When this is over, people will remember how you stepped up. They will remember that you cared and went above and beyond.

What will 2022 bring us? For me, it is hope. Hope that we can finally get this virus under control and return to a more normal lifestyle. Hope that we have learned some valuable lessons along the way. Hope that our leaders have learned some important lessons too.


Happy New Year everyone! Here’s hoping 2022 is the year for new beginnings.

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