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"Every day we spend without learning something is a day lost" - Beethoven


- Posted 2021-02-08 10:45:33

Another month full of restrictions that have got us all feeling a little low. Here is a humourous take on our situation that I received from one of our Board members. Enjoy!

My Pandemic Life

The Covid is raging...my life is a mess,
I live in pyjamas and don't have to dress;
I'm in isolation, just staying at home,
And would give my last dollar to be free to roam;
I'm seriously at risk (or that's what they say),
Telling me to stay in and not go out each day...
In my head, I'm so young, though my licence reveals
I'm a 70+ senior (but that's not how it feels);
When I run out of food and deliveries are late,
I have to buy groceries between 7 and 8,
So, early in the morning, I head out to restock,
And discover a lineup that winds 'round the block;
Social distancing seniors, all 6 feet apart
Make me wonder just when I became an old fart.
My meals are repetitive (a lot like my gas!)
And I'm tired of discussing why Trump is an ass;
My latest new outfit is gloves and a mask,
And I'm starting to wonder if I'm up to the task;
I wash all my groceries, all fruit, meat and veg......
Will this additional precaution tip me over the edge?
My beautiful brown hair has wide roots of grey,
No hairdresser around to help wash them away;
I've been talking to myself...now I'm answering back,
Is it Monday or Friday? I've really lost track;
I've stopped doing housework...it's weeks since I've dusted,
And I know without visitors, I'll never get busted;
I Facetime my friends or we group chat on Zoom,
And try to pretend we're all in the same room;
Thank God liquor stores are considered "essential",
Without daily drinks, this would drive us all mental!
Every once in awhile it is good to reflect
On what this all means and what we can expect;
It's a time to be grateful for all that we've got,
Like a warm house and food that others have not;
The bottom line here, by the time this all ends,
Is that we'll get through it with our family and friends.

Stay safe everyone!

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