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- Posted 2023-01-25 13:01:10

2023…A New Year…A New Beginning

To kick off the holiday season, our December Board meeting was held at the home of Social Committee Chair, Mary Parkes, where a shortened business meeting was conducted followed by a delightful social time.

The year certainly ended dramatically with the Christmas Blizzard of 2022 here in Niagara! Those of us living on the “South Coast” battled power and phone outages as well as impassable roads for several days, some up to a week or more. Christmas festivities were either cancelled or postponed. By January 1st, the weather had turned into spring-like rainy days with the threat of flooding. As this goes to print, we’re experiencing another snowy day with slippery roads and cancelled school buses. Mother Nature has certainly had some surprises in store for us so far this winter!

With the new year beginning, we are once again focused on plans for our 2023 Festival and we have learned that coming back to a full Festival after the pandemic is no easy task. Finding venues has been a frustrating, and at times, a seemingly insurmountable feat! After an exhausting search for an alternate location, we are finally able to announce that the Dance competition will be held at Lakeshore Catholic High School in Port Colborne. Secondary and Community Bands as well as the Percussion classes have also been relocated and will be held at Lakeshore Catholic High School. We are pleased that Central United Church and Portal Village Bible Chapel are once again our sites for School Choirs/Choral Speaking/Choral Evening and Vocal/IVS/Instrumental Solo/Piano classes as well as our Festival Showcase. Port Colborne High School is our new location for the Elementary School Band classes.

Not counting the 2-year absence due to the pandemic, this will be our 36th annual event and, although it has been a challenge securing some of the venues, we are looking forward to a full Festival this year.

We couldn’t do this without your support. The many volunteers who work during the days of the Festival are invaluable. The financial support we receive from the community makes it possible to continue offering the Festival each year. In November, two of our Board members attended a meeting of the Port Colborne Optimist Club and were presented with a donation that will sponsor 2 sessions of this year’s Festival. Upon disbanding, the Welland/Port Colborne Branch of ORMTA has generously provided us with funding that will be used for future Festivals. All donations are gratefully received.

REMEMBER: Entry Forms and Payment are due at the end of this month (January 31st) so please read all the information on our website and submit your entries soon. If you have any questions or concerns, contact our Program Secretary, Linda Caldwell, at 905-834-7418 or email progsecretary@pcfa.ca.

Happy New Year to all!

Hope to see you at this year’s Festival!

- Posted 2022-11-05 14:01:17


So…here’s the thing. My goal to publish a monthly blog has fallen short. For the time being, my hope is to write a seasonal blog and so here is the one for FALL!!

At our Annual Meeting in September, a new Executive was introduced. Cheryl MacMillan became the new Chair, Sheila Brown, the Vice Chair and Ted Ellis, the new Recording/Corresponding Secretary. Each of these people brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Not only have they been long-standing, hard-working members of the Board, but they have also had experience at the executive level of various community groups. We also welcomed 3 new Board members…Gilberta Corey, Leslie Kennedy, and Deanna Salsbury. We look forward to their input and ideas.  The remaining members of the Board are Lynn Brazeau, Linda Caldwell, Janet Corlett, Ava Dalcourt, Rachel Gracey, Nancy Gyetko, Mary Parkes, Marilyn Robinson & Wilma Tennier. Together, these 15 people make up the 2022-23 Board of Directors and will all contribute to the success of future Festivals.

After a two-year absence due to Covid19 and a small, scaled-down Festival in 2022, the Board began planning for a full Festival in the Spring of 2023. It was full steam ahead!!

The 2023 dates were determined and are: April 21 (evening) & 22 for Dance; May 1-5 for Vocal/IVS/School & Community/Church Choirs and Bands; May 8-12 for Piano Classes.

Next came securing venues. This is still a work in progress as there have been some bumps along the way. To date, we have booked Greater Fort Erie Secondary School for April 21&22, Central United Church for May 2&3 and Portal Village Bible Chapel for May 1&2, May 8-12 and for the Festival Showcase on Saturday, May 27th.

The Adjudication Committee has done a great job finding this year’s adjudicators and we have almost completed signing the contracts with all of them. Pictures and bios to follow on our website.

Speaking of our website, all 2023 information has been updated, including Syllabi and Entry Forms and any new information will be added as received. Keep checking!

None of this could happen without the generous support of community organizations, local businesses, and individuals. The Finance Committee and the Awards & Scholarship Committee have sent letters to previous donors however, we always welcome additional support. For more information or to be placed on our mailing list, please contact the FINANCE COMMMITTEE at financechair@pcfa.ca

So…as you can see, this Fall has been a very busy time for us! The future of the 2023 Festival is in capable hands and is well on its way to becoming a successful event. Stay tuned!

WE DID IT!!!!!!
- Posted 2022-06-21 09:56:12

WE DID IT!!!!!!

Our 2022 Festival was a success!

Just before we break for the summer, let’s take a look back…

Last September, the Board made the decision to go ahead with a limited Festival in 2022. Not knowing what was ahead of us regarding Covid and the restrictions that would be in place by the spring, we collectively crossed our fingers and began to prepare. We chose solo classes only in Piano (including Composition, Piano Solo with Accompaniment & Improvisation), Vocal, Individual Verse Speaking & Solo Instrumental in order to provide a safe environment for all.

We received just under 50 entries in Piano and Solo Instrumental and so it was agreed to proceed with a 2-day event that would provide a safe, pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Before the pandemic hit and we planned to have a Festival in 2020, we hired Guy Few, who we knew well as he had been our adjudicator twice before, to adjudicate the piano portion of that Festival. As we all know, that Festival was cancelled. Fortunately for us, he agreed to return to Port Colborne to adjudicate all of the classes this year. He was excellent with the participants, taking time to work with each individual and helped make our Festival a success.

Our Festival Showcase was a wonderful evening of gold medal performances, topped off with the presentation of the Awards & Scholarships.

And, just like that…with the exception of our Annual Meeting, the Festival year has come to an end and we can all take a collective sigh of relief and look to the future with the hope that a full Festival in 2023 is possible. There will be a few committee meetings over the summer to prepare the Syllabus which will be on the website in the fall.  But, for now, it’s time to take a summer break.

See you in the fall!!!

- Posted 2022-05-29 11:36:54


Awards & Scholarships for Piano & Instrumental Solo Classes

were presented at the Festival Showcase, Saturday, May 28, 2022


ORMTA Scholarships

Highest Mark in Junior Piano Classes

Kirsten Li

Highest Mark in ORMTA Junior Piano Class

Micah William

Highest Mark in ORMTA Intermediate Piano Class

Lukas Anger

Highest Mark in ORMTA Senior Piano Class

Allan Buri

Turner Clarke Memorial Scholarship

Highest Mark in Piano Classes for Students with 1 or 2 yrs. of Lessons or Less

Callahan Armstrong

Florence T. Schwartz Memorial Scholarship

For Piano Students in Classes P1, P2, P3 & P4

Callahan Armstrong

Muriel Wallis Memorial Scholarship

Highest Mark in Quick Study Classes

Lukas Anger

Ruth & Walter J. Smith Memorial Award

Highest Mark in Intermediate Piano Classes

Gioia Bonifacio-Praietto

Julie Salanki Memorial Award

Donated by David Salanki

Highest Mark in Jazz Classes

Cecilia Forte

Gwen Mewburn Memorial Scholarship

Donated by Port Colborne Music Club

Highest Mark in Sonata Classes

Gioia Bonifacio-Praietto

Canadian Composer Scholarship

Highest Mark in Canadian Composer Classes

Angela Liao

Lois Noxel Memorial Scholarship

Highest Mark in Study Classes

Lukas Anger

Beverly Jamieson Junior Concert Trophy

Scholarshjp presented by Welland/PC Branch ORMTA

Highest Mark in Junior – Gr. 5 & 6 – Concert Classes

Phoenix Leach

Alice McIntosh Memorial Scholarship

Highest Mark in Grade 9 Piano Classes

Allan Buri

Elizabeth Wilson Black Memorial Scholarship

Presented by Welland/PC Branch ORMTA and PC Music Club

Highest Mark in Advanced Piano Classes – Gr. 10 and Over

Brielle Anger

Douglas Burr Memorial Scholarship

Most Outstanding Performer in Piano Classes

Phoenix Leach


Donated by Andrea Dickson-Foebel for Highest Mark in Individual Instrumental Classes

Sylvie Charlebois


Presented by The Port Colborne Festival of the Arts

Junior Award

William Wales

- Posted 2022-05-12 20:51:59


Piano Solo – 13 yrs. & under

Any Grade 4 List C selection

Kirsten Li – gold                                                

Cecilia Forte – silver                                      

Piano Solo – 14 yrs. & under

Any Grade 5 List C selection

Sophie Filion – gold                                       

Chloe Filion – silver                                       

Piano Solo – 9 yrs. & under

Two (2) years or less of lessons – Own Choice

Callahan Armstrong – gold                            

Piano Solo – Grade 4 Jazz

Cecilia Forte – gold                                        

Piano Solo – Grade 6 Jazz

Lukas Anger – gold                                         

William Wales – silver                                   

Piano Solo – Grade 7 Jazz

Gabriel Forte – gold                                        

Piano Solo – Grade 5 Concert Class

Any two (2) contrasting selections

Phoenix Leach – gold excellence                  

Piano Solo – 13 yrs. & under

Any Grade 4 Sonata

Kirsten Li – gold                                             

Piano Solo – 15 yrs. & under

Any Grade 6 Sonata

Gioia Bonifacio-Praietto – gold                     

Micah William – silver                                                                                                              


Piano Solo – Grade 10 List B

Brielle Anger – gold                                       

Piano Solo – Grade 9 Study

Kolton Anger – gold                                       

Piano Solo – Grade 9 List B

Allan Buri – gold                                             

Piano Solo – Grade 10 List D

Angela Liao – gold                                          

Piano Solo – Grade 10 List A

Brielle Anger - gold                                        

Piano Solo – ORMTA – Senior

Any Grade 8 or 9 List D selection

Allan Buri – gold excellence                         

Piano Solo – Grade 10 Canadian Composer

Angela Liao - gold excellence                     

- Posted 2022-05-11 20:59:59


Piano Solo – 13 yrs. & under

Any Grade 4 List A selection

Kirsten Li – gold

Piano Solo – 15 yrs. & under

Any Grade 6 List A selection

Gioia Bonifacio-Praietto – gold

Piano Solo – 15 yrs. & under

Any Grade 6 List C selection

William Wales – gold

Micah William – silver  

Piano Solo – Grade 4 Study

Kirsten Li – gold

Piano Solo – Grade 5 Study

Lukas Anger – gold

Chloe Filion – silver

Sophie Filion – bronze     

Piano Solo – 6 yrs. & under

Own Choice

Callahan Armstrong – gold             

Piano Solo – ORMTA – Junior

Any Grade 4 List C selection

Micah William – gold                                     

Piano Solo – ORMTA - Intermediate

Any Grade 6 or 7 List C selection

Lukas Anger – gold


String Solo – Beginner

Own Choice

Sylvie Charlebois – gold                 

Henry Fleming – silver                    

String Solo – Junior

Own Choice

Maddox Crocker – gold                                  

String Solo – Intermediate

Own Choice

Hannah Kumerage – gold                              

John Hoadley – silver                                     

String Solo - Senior

Own Choice

Kirsten Li – gold                                             

Piano Solo – Quick Study – Grade 5

A selection chosen by the Adjudicator

Lukas Anger – gold                                           

Piano Solo – Quick Study – Grade 9

A selection chosen by the Adjudicator

Kolton Anger – gold     


Piano Solo – Grade 9 List C

Allan Buri – gold                                             

Piano Solo – Grade 10 List C

Angela Liao – gold                                          

Piano Solo – Grade 9 List A

Allan Buri – gold                                             

Piano Solo – Grade 9 Jazz

Kolton Anger – gold                                                                     


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